Material Loan Periods

 Loan Periods

Books - 14 days*

CDs - 14 days*

Books on CD - 14 Days*

Juvenile books- 14 days*

Magazines- 14 days*

"New" Adult section movies- 2 days**

"Older" Adult section movies- 7 days ***

Juvenile movies- 7 days***

Educational/ Travel- 7 days***

Lost Material- $2.00 processing fee

Collection Agency- $10.00 processing fee


NOTE: The newest DVDs in the collection are renewable once for 2 days (7 days on those so marked).  The maximum fine for a DVD is the cost of the DVD.

*These items are renewable twice unless there is a reserve on the item, then it is not renewable.

**Some "new" DVDs that are long may be designated as checking out for 7 days, with 1 renewal available.

***These items are renewable ONE time only.


Reserves / Renewals

Reserves and renewals can be done at the desk, by phone, or in your Patron Account on our website. If there are no blocks on the Patron Record, then automatic renewals may occur up to the limit of renewals available on the item. However, there are no renewals on items that have a hold request.