May 2024 newsletter

HOURS Monday through Thursday 9 am - 7 pm Friday 9 am - 5 pm Saturday 10 am - 2 pm Closed Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day Thursday, May 23 (9 am - 6 pm) - Summer Reading Program! For all ages. New Recommended Releases: 5/7: The Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club - H. Simonson: Summer 1919. Constance Haverhill is without prospects. Now that all the men have returned from the front, she has been asked to give up her cottage and her job at the estate she helped run during the war. While she looks for a position as a bookkeeper or—horror—a governess, she’s sent as a lady’s companion to an old family friend who is convalescing at a seaside hotel. What will ensue? I Will Ruin You - L. Barclay: English teacher Richard Boyle certainly never thought he would find himself talking down a former student intent on harming others, but when Mark LeDrew shows up at Richard’s school with a bomb strapped to his chest, Richard immediately jumps into action. Thanks to some quick thinking, he averts a major tragedy and is hailed as a hero, but not all the attention focused on him is positive. The Instruments of Darkness - J. Connolly:

In Maine, Colleen Clark stands accused of the worst crime a mother can commit: the abduction and possible murder of her child. Everyone—ambitious politicians in an election season, hardened police, ordinary folk—has an opinion on the case, and most believe she is guilty. Red Side Story - J Fforde: New York Times bestselling author Jasper Fforde returns to this wildly anticipated, laugh-out-loud funny and darkly satirical adventure about two star-crossed lovers on a quest to survive—even if it means upending their entire society in the process. Welcome to Chromatacia, where life is strictly regulated by one’s limited color perception. Civilization has been rebuilt after an unspoken “Something that Happened” five hundred years before. Society is now color vision–segregated, everything dictated by an individual’s visual ability, and governed by the shadowy National Color in far-off Emerald City. 5/14: Last House - J. Shattuck: An ambitious historical epic that doubles as an intimate family saga. Jessica Shattuck captures and connects it all—the imperial ambitions of the postwar generation, the rebellion of their offspring in the Sixties, and the fallout we’re still sifting through today. It’s 1953, and for Nick Taylor, WWII veteran turned company lawyer, oil is the key to the future. He takes the train into the city for work and returns to the peaceful streets of the suburbs and to his wife, Bet, former codebreaker now housewife, and their two children, Katherine and Harry. Nick comes from humble origins but thanks to his work for American Oil, he can provide every comfort for his family, including Last House, a secluded country escape. The Paradise Problem - C. Lauren: Anna is a starving artist living paycheck to paycheck while West is a Stanford professor. He may be one of four heirs to the Weston Foods conglomerate, but he has little interest in working for the heartless corporation his family built from the ground up. He is interested, however, in his one-hundred-million-dollar inheritance. There’s just one catch. Due to an antiquated clause in his grandfather’s will, Liam won’t see a penny until he’s been happily married for five years. Very Bad Company -E. Rosenblum: Every year, executives at the trendy tech startup Aurora gather the company’s top employees for an exclusive retreat in Miami, and this year Caitlin Levy - Aurora’s newest hire - is joining the team as head of events. The benefits are outstanding: a seven-figure salary, stock shares, a discretionary bonus, limitless vacation days - what could possibly go wrong? When Among Crows - V. Roth: When Among Crows is swift and striking, drawing from the deep well of Slavic folklore and asking if redemption and atonement can be found in embracing what we most fear. We bear the sword, and we bear the pain of the sword.

5/21: The Guncle Abroad - S. Rowley: Patrick O’Hara is back. It’s been five years since his summer as his niece Maisie and nephew Grant’s caretaker after their mother’s passing. Patrick has relocated to New York to remain close by and relaunch his dormant acting career. After the run of his second successful sit-com comes to a close, Patrick feels on top of the world professionally. But some things have had to take a back seat. I Hope This Finds You Well - N. Sue: In this wildly funny and heartwarming office comedy, an admin worker accidentally gains access to her colleagues’ private emails and DMs and decides to use this intel to save her job - a laugh-till-you-cry debut novel. When an IT mix-up grants her access to her entire department’s private emails and DMs, Jolene knows she should report it, but who could resist reading what their coworkers are really saying? And when she discovers layoffs are coming, she realizes this might just be the key to saving her job. Lies and Weddings - K. Kwan: A forbidden affair erupts volcanically amid a decadent tropical wedding in this outrageous comedy of manners from the iconic author of Crazy Rich Asians. Rufus Leung Gresham, future Earl of Greshambury has a problem: the legendary Gresham Trust has been depleted by decades of profligate spending. Should he marry Solène de Courcy, a French hotel heiress with a royal bloodline? Should he pursue Martha Dung, the tattooed venture capital genius who passes out billions like lollipops? Or should he follow his heart, betray his family, squander his legacy, and finally confess his love to the literal girl next door, the humble daughter of a doctor? When We Were Silent - F. McPhillips: Louise Manson is the newest student at Highfield Manor, Dublin’s most exclusive private school. It seems nearly perfect: the high arched window alcoves and tall granite pillars, the overspill of lilac at the front gate and the immaculate playing fields, the giggling students, the dusty, oak-lined library, and the dark, festering secret she has come to expose. Thirty years later, Lou has rebuilt her life after the harrowing events of the socalled “Highfield Affair,” when she gets a shocking phone call. 5/28: Housemates - E. Eisenberg: When Bernie replies to Leah’s ad for a new housemate in Philadelphia, the two begin an intense and defiantly uncategorizable friendship based on a mutual belief in their art and one another. Both aspire to capture the world around them: Leah through her writing; Bernie through her photography. If Something Happens to Me - A. Finlay: For the past five years, Ryan Richardson has relived that terrible night. The car door ripping open. The crushing blow to the head. The hands yanking him from the vehicle. His girlfriend Ali’s piercing scream as she is taken. With no trace of Ali or the car, a cloud of suspicion hangs over Ryan. But with no proof and a good lawyer, he’s never charged, though that doesn’t matter to the podcasters and internet trolls. Now, Ryan has changed his last name, and entered law school. He's put his past behind

him. Or so he thought. Our Readers Liked: After Annie - A. Quindlen: When Annie Brown dies suddenly, her husband, her children, and her closest friend are left to find a way forward without the woman who has been the lynchpin of all their lives. Bill is overwhelmed without his beloved wife, and Annemarie wrestles with the bad habits her best friend had helped her overcome. And Ali, the eldest of Annie’s children, has to grow up overnight, to care for her younger brothers and even her father and to puzzle out for herself many of the mysteries of adult life. All Things New - L. Austin: Josephine Weatherly struggles to pick up the pieces of her life when her family returns to their Virginia plantation in this Reconstruction-era novel. The realities of life after the war cannot be denied: her home and land are but a shell of their previous grandeur; death has claimed her father and brother; and her remaining brother, Daniel, has returned home bitter and broken. Her life of privilege seems like a long-ago dream. Josephine soon realizes that life is now a matter of daily survival - and recognizes that Lizzie, as one of the few remaining servants, is the one she must rely on to teach her all she needs to know. Girlfriend on Mars - D. Willis: Amber Kivinen is moving to Mars. Or at least, she will be if she wins a chance to join MarsNow. She and twenty-three reality TV contestants from around the world - including attractive Israeli soldier Adam, endearing fellow Canadian Pichu, and an assortment of science nerds and wannabe influencers - are competing for two seats on the first human-led mission to Mars. Meanwhile Kevin, Amber’s boyfriend of fourteen years, was content going nowhere until Amber left him. Housekeeping - M. Robinson: A modern classic, Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping is the story of Ruth and her younger sister, Lucille, who grow up haphazardly, first under the care of their competent grandmother, then of two comically bumbling great-aunts, and finally of Sylvie, the eccentric and remote sister of their dead mother. Ruth and Lucille's struggle toward adulthood beautifully illuminates the price of loss and survival, and the dangerous and deep undertow of transience. The Keeper of Hidden Books - M. Martin: A heartwarming story about the power of books to bring us together, inspired by the true story of the underground library in WWII Warsaw, by the New York Times bestselling author of The Last Bookshop in London. All her life, Zofia has found comfort in two things during times of hardship: books and her best friend, Janina. But no one could have imagined the horrors of the Nazi occupation in Warsaw. As the bombs rain down and Hitler’s forces loot and destroy the city, Zofia finds that now books are also in need of saving. The Mountain Between Us - C. Martin: When a blizzard strands them in Salt Lake City, two strangers agree to charter a plane

together, hoping to return home; Ben Payne is a gifted surgeon returning from a conference, and Ashley Knox, a magazine writer, is enroute to her wedding. But when unthinkable tragedy strikes, the pair find themselves stranded in Utah’s most remote wilderness in the dead of winter, badly injured and miles from civilization. Without food or shelter, and only Ben’s mountain climbing gear to protect themselves, Ashley and Ben’s chances for survival look bleak, but their reliance on each other sparks an immediate connection, which soon evolves into something more. The Only Woman in the Room - M Benedict: Her beauty almost certainly saved her from the rising Nazi party and led to marriage with an Austrian arms dealer. Underestimated in everything else, she overheard the Third Reich's plans while at her husband's side and understood more than anyone would guess. She devised a plan to flee in disguise from their castle, and the whirlwind escape landed her in Hollywood. She became Hedy Lamarr, screen star. But she kept a secret more shocking than her heritage or her marriage: she was a scientist. And she had an idea that might help the country fight the Nazis and revolutionize modern communication...if anyone would listen to her. The Other Einstein - M. Benedict: Marie Benedict's The Other Einstein offers us a window into a brilliant, fascinating woman whose light was lost in Einstein's enormous shadow. This novel resurrects Einstein's wife, a brilliant physicist in her own right, whose contribution to the special theory of relativity is hotly debated. Was she simply Einstein's sounding board, an assistant performing complex mathematical equations? Or did she contribute something more? CHILDREN Our Summer Reading Program, "Adventure Begins At Your Library", starts May 23! Drop in to the children’s activity room on Thursday, May 23 from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm to register for Summer Reading, pick up your bookmark to log your reading, make a friendship bracelet, and grab a calendar! Spin our wonder wheel and win a prize! We are working on lots of fun programs for this summer; watch our Facebook page, newsletter and website for information about upcoming programs.

Storytime Sessions have ended for the summer for Toddler Time, Baby Bookworms and Preschool Storytime. We will resume in September. Book Clubs have ended until fall. Please watch for registration information in August. Paws to Read is a chance for children grades 1st - 5th to read to a non-judgmental listener. For many children, this allows them a chance to experience stress-free reading; they’re able to relax and have fun! Read with Roo, a 6-year-old retired Greyhound. He and his owner, Jan are certified for therapy through Pet Partners. We will have six 15-minute time slots available for children in grades 1st-5th on Thursday, June 6 from 4-5:30 pm. Registration begins Monday, May 20. One time slot per child. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your time slot. Miss Kathleen will have books to choose from or you may bring a book from home. Pop In Play Wednesday, May 29 from 10 -10:30 am for birth - 36 months with a caregiver. Join our play group in the Children’s Activity Room. Decorate an Adventure Journal Join us on Wednesday, May 29 from 11 am - 6 pm. Drop in to put your personal touch on a journal for you to keep track of all of your summer adventures! For Pre-K, Children and Teens. Journals and supplies will be provided, one journal per person. No registration required. Waynesville Food Pantry Help support our local food pantry. Gather your donations and drop them off at MLC. Items needed: peanut butter, canned soup, individual fruit cups, tuna, canned chicken, granola bars. Read 1000 Books Before Kindergarten! Parents: Stop at the front desk to request your 1000 books log sheet. For every 100 books your child reads they earn a free book and a sticker! When your child reaches 1000 books they will receive a free book and a certificate of achievement.

Imagination Library Help us give every child in Warren County the gift of a free book every month! Talk to your friends & family and share our posts far and wide. Register at If you need assistance in registering your child, please contact us and we will help. The goal of the Warren County Imagination Library is "Every Child Reads Every Day", and to help achieve that goal, the five Warren County libraries are funding a three-year pilot program to provide a free book each month to Warren County children from birth to age five. The Warren County Imagination Library is a community effort of founding partners: Franklin-Springboro Public Library, Lebanon Public Library, Mary L. Cook Public Library, Mason Public Library, Salem Township Public Library, United Way of Warren County, and Warren County Foundation, with support from The Ohio Governor's Imagination Library and Dolly Parton Imagination Library. ADULT The Mind-Life Project will be held Saturday, May 4 at 10 am with Dr. Brian Beckett, DMIN, MTS, and Director of Counseling, Cobblestone Church. The topic for the May session is part 2 of "The 5 Big Personality Traits and You". Adult Watercolor Class Class continues Monday mornings through May 20 at 9 am. Rootfinders Join us on Saturday, May 11 at 10 am for our genealogy meeting. This will be our last meeting before we take a summer break to explore our roots!

"Death isn't a Bad Word" What if we could see death as a part of our life? Geared for ages 16 and up, investigate this topic with us on Monday, May 13 from 5:30 - 6:45 pm. As a death doula providing compassionate support during the end-of-life process, Kate Smith shares her 25-year journey and commitment to "not look away" and normalize "livingdeath". This session will provide a safe and non-judgmental space for all attendees to discover their own thoughts around physical death, terminal diagnosis, cancer, and sunset years. Our time together will be met with respect, presence, active listening, and attentive sharing. Puzzle Swap/Puzzle Table We have a puzzle swap area near the Large Print book section. We have several puzzles available for you to look through to borrow. If you want to rotate your puzzle collection, bring one in and take one out. No checking out! We also have a puzzle currently available for you to sit down and work on while visiting here at the library. TEENS After School Tuesdays After school Tuesdays for teens in 6th-12th grade : food, fun and friends from 3 - 4 pm in the Community Room. Upcoming after school activities - no registration required. The last after school program will be May 7; join us for a pizza party and games. Summer Reading Program begins Thursday, May 23. Register from 9 am - 6 pm. Decorate an Adventure Journal

Join us on Wednesday, May 29 from 11 am - 6 pm. Drop in to put your personal touch on a journal for you to keep track of all of your summer adventures! Journals and supplies will be provided, one journal per person. No registration required.