MLCPL Quaranzine Issue 2

June 5 – The Sophomore Edition

MLCPL Quaranzine is a collection of creative works from the Mary L. Cook Library community that document how we responded to our life in quarantine. Submit your own work for the next issue today to Sarah Ryan at


Hannah Krumholtz, “isolation”

Hannah K - isolation






Alexis Butt, “Volkswagen Bus Pop Art” - Made in Adobe Ai

Alexis B - Volkswagen Bus Pop Art






Marcelete Elter, "Pandemic Poe" - acrylic/mixed media collage

Marcelete E - Pandemic Poe





Kristen Marks – "Colorful Rocks on the Beaches of Caesar Creek Lake" – photography

Our family loves hiking and have done more hiking than ever over these past few months. We discovered that there are very colorful rocks on the beaches of Caesar Creek Lake, and when put all together you can make a rainbow. We have made several rainbows so far.

Kristen - Colorful Rocks on the Beach of Caesar Creek Lake







Chris Marks, “Backyard Observatory” - photography

Our backyard observatory is modified shed that opens up to view the sky. We had fun viewing the moon this evening.

Chris - Backyard Observatory








Celeste Ryan, “Quarantine Fun Puzzle” – Photography of Ravensburger puzzle


Celeste R - Quarantine Fun Puzzle







The Cat, “Rant” - photography


The Cat - Rant



Thank you to everyone who submitted to our second community zine! Stay tuned for the next MLCPL Quaranzine issue, and submit your own work for the next issue today to Sarah Ryan at

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