DVD Purchasing Guidelines

The library’s goal is to provide a DVD collection that is a mix of entertaining, educational, and literature-based DVDs. Consideration is based on current popularity and probable long-term interest of the majority of the patron base of this library and will be at the discretion of the staff selector. Budgetary and space constraints will need to be considered. Feature DVDs over $50 will not generally be considered. TV shows will be collected on a very limited basis. Gift DVDs will be considered on an individual basis. Movie requests from patrons will always be considered with regard to general interest, balance and diversity to the collection, and availability through interlibrary loan.
Some materials may be offensive, shocking or boring to some patrons, but may be meaningful or significant to other patrons. Selection of adult material will not be restricted by the possibility that these materials may be viewed by minors. The library will not act in place of a parent regarding the suitability of movies for children under 18.
The library does not serve as a censor of the viewing of materials of any member of the community. It should be clearly understood that the library staff has not viewed every material stocked in the library, and does not endorse all opinions expressed in the materials which are stocked.