ATTENTION TEENS (gr. 6 - gr.12):

TEEN CAFE - After School Fun

eens (grades 6 & up), join the fun and bring a friend each Wednesday after school from 3:00-4:00 pm.  Each week  is something different – snacks, plus movies, games,  or crafts.
 There is no Teen Cafe on Apr. 19.  Our last session will be May 3.  For questions, call Sheila at 513-897-4826.

If you are in grades 7-12 and like working with children, we have the program for you! “Book Buddies” pairs older students with younger children for a fantastic reading experience. Be a Book Buddy this summer.  You will help children select books, become a reading mentor and encourage children to love books and reading.  You will earn community service hours. These Book Buddy sessions will be scheduled on Monday evernings at 6:45 - 7:15 pm from June 5 - June 26.  All teens are to arrive at 6:30 pm to prepare for sessions. If you are interested in becoming a Book Buddy, please contact Kathy Daniels, danielka@marylcook.com for an application.  No more than 15 students will become Book Buddies.  If you have never served as a Book Buddy, you will need to attend a mandatory training session May 15, 2017 from 3:00- 3:30 pm at the Mary L. Cook Public Library.


The Teen Advisory Board recently welcomed 16 new members to its board.  These teens are helping to create the Teen Scene at the Mary L. Cook Public Library.  These new members will help to organize several programs just for teens, and to do some fund-raising to pay their own way.  They will also volunteer to help whenever asked and will be involved in materials selection, too.  The opinions and ideas that these teens share will help make things happen for the teens who visit our library.   The new members of TAB include Teagan Cassidy (gr.8), Jamie Ripperger(gr. 8), Kate Handle (gr. 7), Alexis Butt (gr. 7), Haylee Napper (gr. 7), Andrew Weaver (gr. 7), Lucy Krumholtz (gr. 8), Viviana Syvertsen (gr.7), Lexi Youtsey (gr. 7), Ali Dale (gr. 7), Levi Bulach (gr. 8), Avery Moore (gr. 8), Emma Williams (gr. 8), Piper Dapice (gr. 7), Sophia Eversole (gr. 7), and Jennifer Burch (gr. 8). Welcome!


BEST READS FOR TEENS AT THE LIBRARY (See below for other Recommended Books for Teens, also)


Visit the digital collection for TEENS in the Ohio Digital Library (http://ohioebooks.com/teens). Find your favorite titles quickly and easily. If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you are on a long wait list, request it from us (Mary L. Cook PL), and we will do our best to get it for you.